Victorious During Spriitual Winter – June 13

By Grace Susatyo


What is “spiritual winter”?


Winter is a season with the coldest weather, with snow in some places, trees are barren, flowers are withered. The days feel short with limited sunlight. Those description may reflect our spiritual lives.  Spiritual winter is a season where many Christians feel cold or having spiritual dryness about their relationship with God. Some feel that God is no longer hearing their prayers or speaking to them. Devotional time are perceived as pointless. Others may feel their ministry is unfruitful. If we are not careful, this “feeling” of spiritual coldness can leave us cold in our spirit which can continue in our spirit dying. God has designed this season for a reason, which is for us to curl up and stay on God’s lap for warmth and intimacy. During this season, God will also give us directions for the next season of our lives.

What are the survival tactics during spiritual winter?

During spiritual winter, it is a perfect timing to rest in His presence. It is important that we nourish our soul even if we do not feel like it. Do not give up on your spiritual practices. Pray, even if your prayers feel empty. Read your bible, even if you do not understand it. Count your blessings to keep you going in this season. Make praise and worship a daily habit for they will keep our hearts warm before God. This season gives us time for evaluation, planning and preparation. It is the time to shovel snow and ice from the driveway of our minds. Isaiah 40:31 said “Be patient during this season and wait on God”. Believe that this season will have its end and spring season is coming. Work in your mindset that God never leave us. If you feel this season is too hard, it does not hurt to have a godly friend to help in prayer.

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