The Way, the Truth and the Life? Is that True? – Apr 12

By: Eddy Suki


When I typed into Google search field “The Way The Truth The Life”. 777,000 records appear as the result.


Majority of the records relates to Bible, Jesus and Church organisations. One thing for sure, I don’t see any other religion leaders or founders associated themselves with “The Way The Truth The Life”. Have we ever thought about this?


Why Jesus can be so bold to declare, “I am the way, and the truth, and the life. No one comes to the Father except through Me” (John 14:6)?


Is this the statement of arrogant from Christians? Try to tell the world only Christians know about God and way to Heaven?


The answer of this is, in fact it is not a statement of arrogant but more the statement of love and humility.


“I am the way”

Most people think by helping the poor, love your neighbour and follow the Ten Commandments will get  God to accept us. The reality is it will not – because all of us have sinned and fall short of the glory of God (Romans 3:23). Regardless how hard we try, our effort will never impress God.


To save us, Jesus has taken the path to carry our sin, our rebellion and our failures on His back to the cross. He has done this to show us that He is the way, the redemptive way. This understanding of Jesus should make us humble not arrogant.


“I am the truth”

John 1:1-2 says that “The Word” became flesh, in fact Christianity is the only religion that God comes down to man and becomes man. Compares to all religions, man has to work his way to reach God.


Jesus is the truth and the truth is revealed in a person. A person who walked amongst us 2,000 years ago, change the way humankind interact to God and died for us. This is the work of grace which is wonderfully enlightening in our life.




“I am the life”

Not only Jesus took our place as a redemptive way and came as a person of truth in the midst of us, Jesus also gave His life that whoever believes in Him though he dies yet shall he live (John 11:25).


Knowing that we shall live with Him should make Christians persuasively tolerant. That means, Christians should lovingly and humbly try to persuasively help others to believe and accept Jesus as their personal saviour.


This is the heart of the Gospel, Jesus lays down His very own life for those who reject Him, do not believe in Him and His enemies. This is the language of love and grace from God to humankind.


At the end, you might have doubt or disbelief of what I’ve said above. If that’s you, I will challenge you to open your heart, be objective and examine all the evidences. I believe you will be enlightened, simply humbled and give your heart to Jesus.

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