The Secret Love of God – July 13

By Jeremiah Indra Arifin


The width and depth of God’s love towards mankind has always been one immeasurable secret to the human mind. Every time, as soon as we think that we have fully grasped His love, new things of love appear and the mystery of God’s love resumes. Simply speaking, we cannot, and will never be able to, comprehend the extent of His love for us, as it is simply an ever flowing and never-ending force that comes from God’s own being.


The words in the song “Amazed” by Desperation Band not only beautifully describe this endless love, but also go even further and draw a beautiful picture that portrays this very act of love as something ‘visible’ and easy to appreciate. The song describes God as a determined lover who tirelessly pursues us, the people whom He dearly loves, with dances and songs – and He does all this even during the times when we are unable to see, hear or even make sense of any of His expressions of love.


In fact, a lot of times in our lives our limited capacity has short-changed us as we mistakenly interpret these love gesture of His as some sort of actions that are rather annoying and aggravating. This would then certainly put us into a circumstance of deep and continuous frustration, as we are unable to figure out the real meaning of His actions.


The only way to get out of this untruthful predicament is to believe that it is in God’s nature to continuously love us, and to appreciate that He will continue to do this despite our limited understanding of this magnificent, grand gesture of His. Actually, He never expects us to understand.

When we employ this knowledge of his love into our lives, our lives will be fully open to absorbing all of His love that is coming our way. Then it would be only a matter of time before we can say to Him: “Lord, I am amazed by You – how You love me.”


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