Holiday oh Holiday – Feb 13

By Robert Tanurahardja


For many people, the end of year is a very popular travel period. it is the time to spend with family, friends and other precious peoples in our lives.  Whether A journey home or holiday to favourite your destination, this festive season always creates a truly unforgettable memories. To this end, the hectic scene of catching a run-or-miss plane, countless repacking of our luggage or waiting in line of a ridiculous queue on the new super fun roller coaster in Disneyland, feels to be so much bearable, just because we knew that in the end, it is all going to be worthwhile.


Come the time when all the souvenirs are wrapped tight in the safest corner of your luggage, hotel room key placed on the check-out counter and the time to say farewell is imminent, a little cringe feeling starts to creep into our hearts. To majority of a populace, this creates an unpleasant mixed-up emotion, called sadness. Now this maybe a result from many things, including loneliness you felt after a big family gathering or the amount of works you need to do once you return to work or campus. Having several times going through this occasion, I would think that there is no avoiding on the first case, but on the second one, i would think that we may be able to do better.


For fellow students and workplace ministers, one way to help with this is by preparing what you need to do when you return to school/work, during the first days of the holiday. In this period, our brain is more likely to be still working at a high rate and it may just about to start cooling down to prepare for the holiday. This will make it easier for you to do a little bit of extra work just so that when you return, some or most of the works are completed.


There are times when I chose to bring some of work or reading material on a holiday trip, thinking that i would do some of them while sipping my refreshingly delicious coconut orange juice next to a swimming pool somewhere in Bali. Or try doing them at maybe just one night at my hotel room during the holiday. Truly, It just does not work. Maybe yes to a few. But i think mostly would agree that there are seasons for everything? There is a time to work and your holiday trip is just simply not one of them.


Holiday oh Holiday!



Three statements:

– There is a time to work and your holiday trip is just simply not one of them.

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