Career Decision-Making – Mar 11

By: Diana Turnip


‘Nearly 1 in 4 employees were dissatisfied with their jobs’.


‘60% said they planned to leave their job for other pursuits in the next two years’.


‘There were a lot of men and women who went to work this morning feeling they’re in the wrong professional field or occupation. They don’t just feel that they’d like a different boss. They think they are in the wrong career altogether’.


These statistics merely reflect the fact that, generally, people base their career decision-making on faulty foundations.         


These include:

• choosing a job for the amount of money it pays or,


• because it is the first and easiest job that is being offered.   


• Maybe friends work in the same company or,


• perhaps the job description sounds good, it has a good title and it would fulfill parents’ unfulfilled dreams.


Do any of these career choice strategies sound familiar? Unfortunately, they are all too common and the results are always the same — stress, unhappiness, unfulfilled expectations and eventually burnout.


As Christians, we should understand that God has ordained each of us to fill a special role in His service. We have a calling, which He has prepared for us in advance, and for which He has uniquely designed each of us.


And it is through this God-directed work that we are able to honour Him, serve others, impact the world around us, and win others for Him.


It’s never too soon to begin a career-planning. And it is certainly never too late to teach our children the biblical principles of work and stewardship of talents. Everyone is uniquely created by God and need to look prayerfully to Him for what His will is for our lives.


Therefore, it makes little difference whether we become doctors, business owners, accountants, engineers, teachers, lawyers, public servants or preachers. What matters is whether we are following God’s will for our lives or not.


”But seek first the kingdom of God and His righteousness, and all these things will be added to you.” Matthew 6:33





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