Evangelism is not merely about giving the tract or talking about Jesus to unbeliever, but our vision is to introduce and use the Kingdom of God to the world to win souls. Our mission is to be qualified laborers by learning the Kingdom of God lifestyle. Hence, when people see the benefit of living in the Kingdom of God, they will be influenced automatically by our Kingdom lifestyle. We are flexible ministry, anytime, any group of people, anything will do.

Prayer team has a vision to prepare the way for His Kingdom and righteousness to take its place; not only in our personal life, but most importantly in our life, as a church (Isaiah 66:6 – the church vision, Isaiah 62:10 – more specific to the team). Our mission is to become the part-takers of God’s movement through our daily life in seeking first His face and speak His truth in a prophetic conduct (Malachi 4:5-6). It is good for new Christian to learn how to pray and hear God’s voice. You can also explore and develop your spiritual gifts which become the assets of God’s Kingdom.