You will be married!

Singleness is not a disease! I know that our culture tend to treat it as one but the Bible tells us otherwise. Singleness looks very different when you are 20 compare to 40. The struggles are not the same. Some are happy and content while others are crying weekly. Despite where you find yourself in the spectrum, the word of God remains true. Let me tell you few things the Bible has to say about singleness.


Singleness is a gift.


“What? Are you serious?” Paul cannot be more serious. In his letter to the church in Corinth, Paul refers to singleness as a gift. He does not only refer to it as a special ability to not desire a relationship but also a state of being single. So whether you desire or not desire a relationship, if you are single right now, it is a gift of God. It is not a curse. Don’t waste God’s gift for you. Marriage is a gift of God but so is singleness. Don’t buy the lie that your life is not complete until you are married. Singleness is not a second best life. God has a specific plan and purpose for you in your singleness. The question is not whether you are single or married. The question is whether you are pursuing Christ with the gift he has given you? Use your gift of singleness to please the Lord.


Singleness is tough.


Forgive those who thinks that you have it easy because you are single. Being single is tough! It is not easy to remain sexually pure and holy as a single in these day and age. Everywhere we look, we are tempted with many sexual temptations. It’s not easy to come to a wedding invitation on your own, especially if the one getting married is your close friend. Loneliness can struck you out of nowhere at 3 AM. Being single is tough! But it is also precious. God is not blind to the struggle of singleness. He was the one who said ‘it is not good for man to be alone.’ But he is also the one who said, through Paul, to count ‘everything as loss because of the surpassing worth of knowing Christ Jesus.’ Singleness is precious because you can pursue your greatest treasure, Christ, with no concern of marriage people. Marriage is good but undivided relationship with Christ is better. Singleness is tough but the gain of Christ makes it look like rubbish.


Marriage is coming.


Yes you! Let me prophecy over you – “If you are in Christ, you will be married!” Some of you might get married in the next few years and some might die being single. But if you are in Christ, you will be married! And your marriage won’t be small; it will be the greatest marriage in the Universe. You’ll walk the aisle to be with the love of your life. And he promises to always love you, cherish you and treasure you. And he doesn’t have to vow ‘in good or bad’ because there will be no bad. Your marriage with him will be nothing but good. It will never end. Eternity of love, happiness and gladness. That day is coming. It is yours if you are in Christ. Praise God for earthly marriage but it pales in comparison to the wedding of the Lamb. No Christians remain single forever. Jesus will fulfil your ultimate desire for relationship. Until then, cherish his gift for you. He is coming for you.

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