The Gift of Time – Mar 13

By Maria Tanudjaja


Our very lives on this earth are limited—which means that our time on this earth is limited.  The limitation of the Gift of Time allows us to appreciate joyful events even more through anticipation and expectation.  It allows us to heal from the sadness and grief of loss.  Moreover, it also lets us appreciate and love our families in different ways as we all grow together. The Gift of Time allows us to have the opportunity to partake of this life, so that we may know what it means to partake in God. As the writer of Ecclesiastes reminds us, “For everything there is a season, and a time for every matter under heaven.”


Let me share with you my true story on how I treasure the Gift of Time with my family!

When I was at home tonight, my phone rang. It was my brother. Calmly, he broke the news that our dad has just passed away. There was a moment of silent as I tried to digest this. About 3 weeks ago, my dad has just been released from the hospital. He could neither walk nor speak, and the last time I called him, he was learning slowly to move his body to a stable seating position.

All kind of thoughts and mixed emotions came rushing through my mind. How can this be? Perhaps I could’ve…. Maybe I should’ve… If only I was a bit more…  But what’s the point of all that? The guilt trip won’t help to ease the pain of losing him.

Ironically, now that he’s gone, I can feel his love for me stronger than ever. I remember how he used to make me laugh with his funny jokes, how he bought ‘nasi ulam’ for us to eat and enjoy together, how I would collect Rp 100.00 for each white hair that I pulled out of his head.

I can also vividly recall the night when he had his first episode of stroke;  the stroke that stole almost everything from him: His smile, his joy, his hope, and his passion for life. He endured his condition for more than 16 years and tonight his fight is over.

His passing allows me to appreciate life even more. I thank God for my dad and I celebrate his life. I am grateful for the opportunity for me to be my dad’s daughter. I believe he is now resting in a better place where he feels no more pain.


How true it is that time is in God’s hand. We will never know when we need to say goodbye to someone who is dear to our heart. Today let us learn together to treasure the Gift of Time that God has given to each of us to enjoy with our loved ones.

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