Ten things I love about you – Dec 15

Dear you,

If I can pre-write ten things I love about you at the end of our life together, I hope it will be close to this list.


I love you for loving Jesus. There is nothing more attractive than to see you not only put Jesus first, but also put Jesus at the centre of all you do. Your love for Jesus made you glow. I noticed you.

I love you for loving Jesus’ bride. You always find time to use what you have to serve the local church and it doesn’t matter if anyone took notice of it or not. You are always beaming with joy and it’s contagious.

I love you for loving the lost. I saw you crying for your lost friends and pleaded with them for their salvation. Though they rejected you again and again, you continue to weep for them and slowly bring them to Christ one by one. Your compassion kindled a fire in me.

I love you for standing for the truth. When all your friends called you old fashioned for saving sex for marriage, you showed courage for not giving in to their mockery. That courage breaks through my defence.

I love you for loving your family. Your family is far from perfect but you always pray for them and never give up on them. It gives me confidence that you will do the same for our family.

I love you for being gracious. I lost count how many times I disappointed you and yet you continue to forgive me. Just as Jesus continues to pour out his grace on you, you extend the same grace to me. Love covers multitude of sins.

I love you for believing in me. When the nightmare of my past haunted me, you did not judge me. You reminded me of who I am in Christ instead of who I was and help me to see to see a vision of the future me with Jesus.

I love you for being weak. You did not pretend to have it altogether and it lets me know it is okay for me not to have it altogether. In tears you let me know of your struggles and you needed help and we worked it out together. We are no longer two but one.

I love you for being strong. When I stumble and fall and began to have doubt, you would not give in. You could have left me behind but you carried me instead. You are committed to me for life and only death can set us apart. You love me the way Christ loved you.

I love you for loving me second. Thank you for not loving me first. Thank you for pursuing Jesus more than me. Thank you for thinking about Him more than me. Thank you for committing to His cause above mine. Thank you for making Him the reason for your life. For because of it, it’s my delight to call you mine. I love you.




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