PI = ghb? – June 14

By Yosia Yusuf


Few days before my bachelor graduation ceremony, I was informed that I will receive a cum laude medal. I didn’t have a clue what it was but it doesn’t take long before it began to daunt on me that I’m smart. I always knew that I possess a superior IQ. Not because my parents told me so, which can be very bias, but because I took IQ test back in 3rd grade. The result shows that I was Einstein! Well, not really. But close to it.


My high school experiences was anything but it. I wasted those years doing anything but study. However, college was a whole different story. I found purpose and meaning in life and it invigorated me to pursue excellence. My personal encounter with Christ created desire in me to be the best student I can be. Five years of hard work was rewarded with one cum laude medal. I don’t think its an exaggeration to say that the medal was the pinnacle of my accomplishment in life at that point.


“If Einstein developed general theory of relativity that impact the modern physics, I will develop a system that will change the world for Christ!” You might laugh at my claim but I have a superior IQ and a medal to support it. Add the verse ‘all things are possible for one who believes’ to the equation, and I believe I have develop a formula that would rival Einstein’s E=mc2. My formula would be, gifts + hard work + believe = Possible Impossibilities. Or, PI=ghb. Admit it, it sounds awesome.


I believed my formula was flawless. In fact, you believe it. That’s why you study hard and work hard to reach the possible impossibilities. Let me applaud you for that *applause*. The world is certainly a better place with you around. But what do you do when cancer hits? The formula is good but its not flawless. In fact, the best thing ever happened to me was when this formula crashed and burned. Through it, I found one unchanging truth – “Christ is better.” To borrow another’s statement, “cancer sucks. But Christ is better.” It is only in the light of this glorious truth that every formula find its proper place. Christ is better!

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