I See… Vision! – Oct 12

By Stephanie Tanubrata


Lectures, tutorials, assessments and exams can often become overwhelming when our vision for life after studies is blurred or undefined. Consider these: what’s your vision after studies? How does God’s purpose for your life align with your hopes?


When it comes to stewarding our vision there are 3 tangible capabilities that we can develop in order to achieve what God purposes for our lives. Because once we can steward our vision our approach to our studies will be more holistic and much more exciting!


1. Beliefs/Vision: The ability to change limiting beliefs

Your values and beliefs are unconscious filters that you use to decide what bits of data come in through your senses and what bits of data you will keep out. Your ability to set goals into your future and embrace your future with confidence can often be limited by core beliefs that do drive you away from your God given destiny. Negative core beliefs, may have been imposed on you by others in your world, teachers, friends, family.


2. Confidence: Your ability to embrace your God given vision

We need a strong confidence that we can attain our goal. Sometimes confidence has been confused with arrogance. There is a fine line between the two. Confidence says I know that God can do this through me, whereas arrogance says I know that I can do this myself. A confident person believes that the things they have envisaged as a goal, will work out. Confidence begets confidence. There is something about confident people that attracts other confident people who will help you to get to your destiny. How confident are you that God can do ‘great things’ through your life?


3. Values & Future: The ability to align your personal values with your vision for the future.

The word ‘align’ means to get things in the same line. Sometimes we organize our life in bits and pieces. We choose to take on responsibilities, studies, life changes based on what is ‘offered’ to us.


“How confident are you that God can do great things through your life? “


Often this can create tension in our lives as we begin to realize that we have a conflict of interest, of priorities, of time in our lives. This is actually a deeper issue. It is a conflict of values. A conflict between what we ‘really’ value and what we tell others we value. An aligned vision has a simplicity and strength of conviction between what we do and why we do it. When you align your personal values with your vision for the future you will find it easier to make lifechanging decisions. Bearing these 3 capabilities in mind as you continue your studies will inspire you for your future vision and what God has planned for you!

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