God is after your heart and mine – Oct 12

By Abigail Tju


Cornerstone is defined as something that is essential, crucial, or basic. Synonyms: Basis, bedrock, bottom, base, foundation, ground, root. As human beings, we tend to idolize things or people.


God hates idolatry — He who loves us passionately and gave His life for us wants to be the FIRST in our heart and life. I know there have been times when God dealt with me when my heart is attached to someone or something other than Him.


When I start to put my hope or build my life on someone other than Him, He allowed that person to disappoint me.


When my heart starts to swell with pride or have a stinking attitude, He came and dealt with me through situations and people around me.


God can also speak through the Bible, sermons, podcasts and all to correct and discipline me.


When I started to save and save money in trying to secure my future and provide for my family, God instead told me to GIVE MORE. Ouch!


Is God mean and He doesn’t want me to be happy? Of course not! He knows that I cannot find security, satisfaction and fulfillment other than in Him alone.


“For where your treasure is, there your heart will be also” – Matthew 6:21. He did not want my heart to be focused on material things and trying to secure my own life with my job and savings. He wanted me to live in His grace. He reminded me that my future is safe in Him – and not because of the money in the bank account. He will take care of my future and my family.


I wonder if the season that we are in now is actually a season of God pursuing our heart and wanting

to take His place in our life. Could it be that it is God pursuing us and wanting to show more of who

He is in our life?


Are we building our life on Jesus Christ? This song “Cornerstone” is a declaration that Christ is the

foundation of our life and through all that happens in life, we can always be rest assured in His unfailing

love and unchanging grace.

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