Foster Self-Control in your workplace – Jul 11

 By: Diana Turnip


Self-control can be the determinant in whether we have positive relationships in the workplace with a more stress free existence, or a workplace filled with anxiety, tense relationships, and an overall negative vibe. So, how can we foster self-control in the workplace?


First, and in my opinion the most important, we must gain control over our emotions. It is so easy to allow our tempers, frustrations, and annoyances to turn into something ugly throughout the day. The control of our emotions is one of the greatest strengths that we can have in our relationships at work and also in our lives as a whole.


Secondly, we need to learn to have control over our conversation. For many of us, it is very easy to start saying things that should have never been brought up, should have remained a secret, or simply should have been left for a different time and place. Sometimes, we like a little drama or conflict in the workplace to spice up our seemingly dreary day. However, in our desire to say and spread things that would be better left unsaid, we might create more problems for others and ourselves in the future.


Finally, we need to have control over our excessive concern about how other people perceive us. Some people may not like us; that is something that we need to learn to accept and not allow it to destroy our day. It is easy to lose control of what we should be focusing on just because we are too concern about how other people are viewing us, talking about us, etc. Of course, this lack of control will simply leave us to be more stressful, less productive, and more irritable.


Self-control is a fruit of the Spirit (Gal 5:23). So, when you received the gift of the Spirit, you’ll also receive the fruit of the Spirit. However, you’ll need to remain in God and accept Him for who He said He is and receives His gifts. This is as Jesus said in John 15:4, “Abide in me, and I in you. As the branch cannot bear fruit by itself, unless it abides in the vine, neither can you, unless you abide in me.” In another words all the fruits of the Spirit are gifts from the Vine.

This month, let’s start seeing your workplace as an opportunity to see your self-control grow, which will in turn give you a more peaceful and joyful life. Seek God, and allow Him to let this fruit grow and flourish in your daily routine of life.

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