Forgiven to Love

by Robert Tanurahardja


Recently I faced a relationship issue with my colleagues at workplace. It is an experience that I thought would never happen to me. It is also an experience that I hardly know how to overcome. I wish the experience would be one that leads to a glorious ending where both parties would make amends and God’s name be glorified through it. I believe it did end that way and I still wish my colleague well for all the life lessons that we learned together. Well, I am not going to bore you with the details of what had exactly happened, but I am going to share with you how the story moulds me as I am today.


Yes, there were misunderstandings, false statements, backstabbing, and confrontation and so on. But as I mentioned earlier, I thought these things would never happen to me. Although hearing it so many times, apparently I still do not “really” understand why bad things also happen to good people. Honestly, it really can happen just to anyone, anything and anywhere.


Since the experience is new, I also do not know how to solve the issue. All I remembered was to forgive seventy seven times seventy seven times. But honestly, forgiveness takes a lot from my heart. When you feel wronged and you know that you must respect each other and do not be a judge of your own, it is very difficult in practice. However, gracefully I did.


I believe I have forgiven my colleague even after we had our difficult conversations. I also hope that I would have her forgiveness by now. During this difficult time, I learn that it is very important to be planted in a good church, a community where Jesus is the centre of everything. For it is then easier to be reminded of His forgiveness. His forgiveness covers all our weaknesses and empowers us to love others unconditionally. I am now free to forgive and to love, because He has forgiven me and loved me first.



  • It is an experience that I thought would never happen to me
  • Forgiveness takes a lot from my heart.. It is a very difficult act to do.
  • His forgiveness empowers us to love others unconditionally.
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