Do I really? – Sept 13

By Lynda Hartati


“Do we really think that Christ is enough for us?”  This question came up in my Bible study group. It is easier for us to sing about God’s love for us rather than us loving God, because it is an absolute fact that God loves us so much that He gave His Son to save us. However, what about us? Do we really love God? Can we say He is enough? A lot of times we, or I should say, I, think more about family, not enough money, how to start a business etc, rather than thinking more about Jesus. This reminds me that I am imperfect.

Then in my reading, I came across Mark 8 about Jesus feeding 4000 people. Rather than being fascinated with the miracle, I was more interested in imagining me in the story, following Jesus. He preached and healed people for 3 straight days and I was there to witness all of it. This is something new at that time, miracles after miracles happened. No one ever saw a person with such power and full of wisdom before. It is something to be remembered and treasured for the rest of my life. The experience is so overwhelming that hunger no longer rule over me that I forgot about it for 3 days but at the end, I get a miracle food!

Do I really think that Christ is enough if I was there? I’m sure I would. Those 3 days of miracles would not give chance for worries to creep in as I was consumed by His presence. A lot of times when we say that Christ is enough, we think we have to be perfect. But He knows our situation and we just need to be honest with Him. Yes we do need money to get us food, we need husband or wife to run the house, but I think “Christ is enough” means Christ is the only God who is perfect in knowing what we need. Everything will be enough when I have Him.

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