A Selfless Act – Mar 14

By Ebnu Wiyono


Let me introduce Leandro Barbosa, a NBA player of Phoenix Suns fromBrazil. Before you judge me (as I am a Suns’ fan), there is a reason why I want to share his story here. Leandro first started his NBA career at Phoenix Suns on 2003.

Due to the business nature of NBA, he was traded to a different team on 2010. Then on February 2013, he suffered an ACL torn injury in his left knee. People thought that injury has ended his career as a professional basketball player. However, he went into all the rehabilitations and surgeries and finally he could step into a basketball court again. On January 2014, he was offered a 10-days contract by Phoenix Suns to see whether he was fit enough or not to keep playing in a NBA level. For him, this was his opportunity to prove that he still could play at a professional level. However, this is what happened on his first game with Suns after he signed the 10-days contract:

Before he went through the tunnel onto the court, Barbosa spotted a young boy with his former No. 10 jersey on. He couldn’t have been more than 10 or 11 years old and was completely decked out in matching Suns attire. Barbosa did a double-take and stopped dead in his tracks.
“Hey, little man!” Barbosa said as he knelt down to speak to the young boy. “Nice jersey!”
With eyes wide, the boy smiled but couldn’t muster up any words.

“He’s your biggest fan,” the boy’s father said. “But he’s a little shy.”
“No problem,” Barbosa replied turning back to the boy. “Are you excited to watch the game?”. The boy nodded, seemingly unsure if this was a dream or actually happening.
“That’s awesome,” Barbosa said. “I’m happy you are here. Can I take a picture with you?”. The boy nodded a final time. Barbosa took a couple pictures with the family, signed the boy’s jersey and made his way onto the court.

This tiny encounter may seem trivial or inconsequential at first glance, but the look on the boy’s face after it happened was of pure euphoria and happiness (By Ben York, Suns.com)

If I were him, I would keep running to the court and would not pay attention to anything but the game. What I learn from this story is that his life is more than just playing basketball, more than just utilising the new opportunity that offered to him. It is about staying humble and grateful with the new opportunity that you have.

It is good to have ambition in life, but our character is what makes that ambition keeps alive. Dream big, keep believing, never give up and stay humble. Go Suns. (FYI, Leandro finally was offered a contract until end of 2014 season J ).

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